There are no upcoming events scheduled for now. Static Noise is open for bookings via El Capitán Productions.

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"The One Decade" is the genuine grippingly confluence of emotions and organic ripping metal, this EP signifies the latest chapter that started in 2006. Static Noise brings out a fearlessness sound which shows the bands aggressive structural complexity and it's catchy melodic hooks in a way that they are able to distance themselves from the pack.

Front man Jeremy Kock is fueled by swarming emotions of frustration, bitterness and pain, which all flows perfectly with the stomping energized riffs of axe grinders Robin and Joris and the surgically precise, ferocious drive of Jason and Tiemen. Songs as "The Thread of Chaos" leaves listeners bludgeoned by it's honest raw anger and foulness, while the exploration of melody explodes in soaring choruses.

Static Noise music relates itself to atmospheric, passionate highly energetic live shows. They've demolished stages with their punishing performance and they are charging forward...ready to storm the stages and do it all over again.

Static Noise consists of:

Jeremy - Vocals
Joris - Guitar
Robin - Guitar
Jason - Bass / Vocals
Tiemen - Drums

© Static Noise
© Static Noise